Pajamas for women

Pajamas sometimes shortened to PJ’s are soft, warm and traditional loose garments derived from Indian daywear pajamas.

Think of something most comfortable and something which strikes in mind in your mind is pajamas. They are the most comfortable love for any women after wearing the outgoing tight and show offs for the whole day wearing some comfortable clothes is just something very pleasing and especially while sleeping.

Wearing an oversize T-shirt is nothing wrong, but something for style and comfort a pajama set is overwhelming especially when most of the women are staying 24*7 at home even whether it is a housewife or the women working from home.

Their no bad time to buy a new set of cozy pajamas for yourself or for your loved one is it floral, polka dot or plain.

No women have to give up her comfort when it comes to sleep wear. If you need a little queue on how to select the right pajama and rock the forty winks party in style, so let’s browse some stylish, cute and trendy brands in the list of pajamas.

The pajamas brands loved by fashion editors and influencers:-

• Orchard Moon- There is a lot love about new London-based sleepwear brand orchard moon. The prints of the brand are inspired by nature and the label deserves to be your radar now.

• Yawn- It aims to create nightwear that feels like a hug, styles that encourage you to relax and unwind. The prints are inspired by women’s pond at Hampstead Heath.

• Rails- The brand offer classic paid and striped styles as pictured, but also more feminine sets, from star- covered camis to sweet gingham shorts.

• Yolke- It has expanded into ready-to-wear, home wear and children’s wear, but luxury pajamas remain at its core. It has bold, playful prints and beautiful skills make it a real favorite among those in the known.

• Leset- This brand has a philosophy of creating fuss-free co-ords that can be worn out and about or to bed.

• Prayers and Plans- This brand works with artisan tailors to create elegant, relaxed pajamas that are truly a treat to slip into and its motto is to remind that they are capable of great things.

• Eloise Jephson- McCartney launched her own sleepwear label after working at Versace and Stella inspired by her love of mythology. The prints are hand designed in Hackney; the pieces were created in London and printed in Worcestershire.

• Les Girls Les Boys- Its aim of introducing a cross-gender lingerie label with no boundaries and sleepwear was the priority of the brand with comfort, versatility and unisex styles.

• Tekla- The brand recently launched unisex sleepwear which imbues its signature efficient. Their pajamas make you feel truly comfy.

Some common sites were the top brands for buying pajamas are easily available:-
Nykaa fashion

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