Dress For a Night Out

The major problem and question of every girl is “What should I wear”, to find the perfect outfit for perfect night out which suits the occasion or the moment so that it leaves a perfect impression on another person and explore the city comfortably in that dress.

The perfect outfit is placed under three different categories: casual wear, sportswear and evening wear. There are two types of girls in the whole universe one is a fashion freak and the second who is very restless and feels wastage of time getting ready; depending on that the dresses are of many categories especially for girls.

Let’s solve half the problem of girls by suggesting those dresses which perfectly suits the night out theme.
For an effortless look take a denim jean and some sassy tank top or a silky blouse which suits the jeans; tuck the top in the jeans. If you are wearing a high waist jeans put together vibe by tucking the top in.

Choose jeans according to your body type, dark wash jeans are universally pleasing and some pretty accompaniments upgrades the classicism of the effortless look.

Mixing a trendy accent piece for a cool look. Don’t wear all the trending clothes at once. Try to pair a graphic tee with a simple skirt.

Look for the trends which suits your personality and which certainly express your attitude, your compassion towards life.

Adding 2-3 layers which becomes more fashionable i.e. layering for night out is totally rational specially in winters and spring season at night the temperature falls drastically so to remain warm and look cool at the same time.

Good layering pieces include scarves, vests, jackets and sweaters.
For women try putting a cardigan over a short dress and wrapping a scarf around the neck or kimono over a tank top with the layered necklace.

Keeping accessories minimal; sticking to a simple watch, neutral color scarf or pair of chunky frames for a hip vibe. Small stud earrings, dainty necklaces or a stack of plain bangle bracelets.

They key factor is not piling yourself with all the accessories available.

Wear sneakers, heels, flats, boots or belly depends on what you are wearing. If you are going to a bar you will dance so try wearing trendy sneakers for easy walk in and you’ll even not get shoe bites. If you are going for a dinner ballet flats or heels can go for looking sassier.

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