Co Ord sets online India – CoOrd sets women’s skirt and jacket

Picking up a perfect attire without having to squabble over your fashion choices is tough. The art of matchmaking, finding a bottom that goes with your top is where it goes south turning your daisy morning into a crazy morning. This is where Co-Ord sets enter our wardrobe gracefully. They are colour and style coordinated clothing sets that don’t need to be matched with other individuals to make the perfect outfit. They are already the perfect outfit you’ve been looking for. No need to squander over your choices for the “Right One” to get on with your day.

They are cosy yet modish, giving you the quintessential choice, you’ve been looking for to stay in and work. Whether it be a zoom date night or a virtual date night, it covers 8 am to 8 pm the rocking casual yet voguish look you desire for. Before picking out one for yourself, here are a few things to look into:
• Avoid going for constant colour or pattern always
• Pick similar prints in different colours so as it wouldn’t look like a one piece
• Avoid over accessorising

Now that we are clear how to pick one, here is also a list of brands to shop with.

S & F Online store
Ensure you’re ready for the season’s debut with a symphony of beautifully designed tie-dye colours. For weekends and workouts looks, lounging and living, this tie-dye collection ensures that ease is always on the agenda. From activewear to versatile loungewear, this exclusive collection is designed to do it all – or nothing at all – however, your day plays out.

From vibrant hues to beaded detailing, there’s a little something for everyone here at Cilory. Cilory is a premium platform for Online dress shopping. They are dedicated to offer stylish, trendy and reliable products. Envisioning to be the synonym of Fashion and Style, Cilory brings to everyone the choicest collection of Fashion Jewellery, branded Lingerie, Handbags, Clubwear and more. It allows to explore big brands like Triumph, Lovable, Calvin Klein, Arrow, Archies, Adidas, Bombay Dyeing, Lacoste, Biba and many more.

Aachho is a humble attempt to capture the rich cultural diversity of traditional colors & hand block prints on a single platform by bringing to you beautiful Indian ethnic and handcrafted products. At Aachho, they believe that life should be nothing short of a celebration, and every outfit you wear must be a reflection of that spirit. The entire collection is found to be an elegant amalgamation of both traditional and contemporary designs and colours especially hailing from royal Rajasthan.

Working hard to make Aachho a one stop destination for products that not only make you feel comfortable, but confident too, as they strongly believe that nothing would make us happier than to hear from our friends and family to say Aachho (“too good” in Rajasthani) every time you step out in one of their outfits.

October Jaipur

Inspired by the rich cultural aesthetics of the desert land, Akash Sinha and Rabia Singh, the visionaries behind this label wish to offer their consumers a unique blend of craft and design. Products made from genuine leather and hand-woven fabric are their forte and the label caters to a little something for everyone.
What began as a normal winter day in a small room in the month of October, translated into an idea, a partnership and development of a product- “October Jaipur”. With one sewing machine, the idea spread to the little piece of canvas which has by now grown in a bold and achievable mission.


Trablife is a fashion and lifestyle brand and it believes that there is no bad time to buy a new set of cosy pyjamas for yourself or for your loved ones.
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